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Prescriptive counter to shoulder grab using a traditional ‘blocking’ technique called the ‘W’ block or Mountain block from pattern Toigye or Sipsoo Hyung. The video was filmed for a FaceBook group that I’m involved with called ‘The Study of Taekwondo’ – and the people I’m saying hello to are fairly well known. Can you guess who they are?

Anyway, the ‘W’ block is perhaps the most confounding one. It doesn’t make sense in theĀ sportive world many practitioners occupy, so as Taekwondo is practiced nowadays, it doesn’t amount to a very useful technique. However, when the altercation gets up close and the heat is turned up, it starts to make a lot of sense. It deals with some sort of a grab and some sort of a strike. It prompts you to trap the grabbing hand and intercept the striking one. Then you return fire using your legs – striking anywhere from the hip level to the thigh, and finally, the punch line comes with a takedown done by applying pressure on the side of your opponent’s knee.

I do apologise for the audio cutting out … and me having to use some stock music to fill in the silence.