Why you should attend Martial Arts Seminars and support local schools who organise them.


A motley crew of friends and new faces join us at the ‘Smash with the Foot’ Kicking Seminar hosted by JDK in Perth, 2012


Surely One Teacher is Enough? Why should I seek out Another?

Seminars aren’t a place you go to to find a teacher or a substitute teacher; you’re not going to a seminar to be unfaithful or disloyal to your current teacher. But for that matter, there have been many martial arts masters who have undergone training with more than one teacher. You go to seminars to gain perspective over what others practice, reflect on what it is that you do (and don’t do), and to perhaps understand your own practice through a different ‘lens’. Most seminars, even those outside the martial arts, feature experienced seminar leaders and industry experts. Martial arts seminars are no different – so expect these leaders to help stretch you and give you new insight into practicing your own art.

Support Local Schools organising Martial Arts Seminars in Perth

If you are a passionate practitioner, you know how difficult martial art school owners have it. Insurance. Rent. Student retention. Staff turnover. All these make the business of martial arts a very difficult challenge. And no, doing a business out of the martial arts isn’t selling yourself out. If an instructor offers a valuable service and charges fairly for it – this is an exchange of value where both parties can benefit. So if a local school decides to organise a seminar for additional revenue, why not support them? Once you see them not as competitors, and you can appreciate how these training halls help communities the world over.

Instructor Benefits from Freedom to design Program for Martial Arts Seminar

Throughout the year, I train students based on a curriculum. Each student needs to progress systematically and gradually, and needs to be challenged appropriately for their skill level. So, as an instructor, someone like me approaches a seminar very differently. It helps focus you around a theme, and frees you from the constraints of inching the student along day-by-day. In 2012 for instance, I led seminars titled: ‘Smash with the Foot,’ ‘Locks for Hard Stylists,’ ‘Women Self Defence,’ ‘Children Antibully Course for Parents’ and ‘Antibully Course for Children.’ Behind the scenes, I invest at least two to three weeks of planning and rehearsing per event. A martial art event gives me the chance to showcase a vertical vantage of my curriculum. I can talk about the progression through training, and discuss what elements are important to me and why. Even students from my own school, who have undergone training directly from me have said they’ve enjoyed and benefit from these seminar offerings.

We Become Stronger by Sharing

Finally, I leave you with a thought. There are quite a few things which I have taken absolute years to learn from Karate and Taekwondo. You may think that they might be the simplest things. But I assure you there are some basic techniques which I do – but do well, may I add – that I’ve taken many months to many years to master. Yet, I give them away freely at seminars. Why? Because I feel that if I give even one bit of insight to one person and that one person in turn lifts his or her game higher than mine in 20 years, then all of my effort has been worth it. I give it away freely because ‘the rising tide raises us all together.’

Be well, my friends.