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This kick defence from Taekwondo pattern Do-san is inspired from the turn in step 6 and the upper block in step 21 or 22. We are going to use the turn to deal with an oncoming front kick. The body spins on the spot to allow you to decrease the distance between the opponent and yourself without getting struck by the kick IF you miss. The turn also helps the arm technique rotate to vertical by pushing the elbow forward and dropping the hand. You can think of this as a Wing Chun ‘Bong Sau,’ and it works wonderfully because it quickly puts a barrier between the kick and your body. It’s fast because you don’t have to lug your body (which weighs how many kilos) from where you are standing to where the kick is not targetting.

The turning over of the arm is a very useful block not only in this example for a centreline kick, but also for close quarter strikes from mid to upper level – perhaps we’ll cover this in another video. For this technique, you may also bend the arm further and drive the elbow into the leg, if you so desire.

After the kick has been intercepted, you rotate the hand to vertical and in front of your centreline. This then allows you to bypass your opponent’s guard by finding a new flight path between his arms. The upper block then becomes an effective counter strike to neck or face. If the opponent is too tall you can decide to slam your elbow into the solar plexus. Now, if you do all of this in a nice flow, the opponent’s centre of gravity will be pushed backwards and this will easily result in a takedown – try it for yourself to see how it works.

Let me know what you thought of this kick defence.