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I typed in ‘Taekwondo Hand Skills’ in youtube and found this resource. It seems to be a World Taekwondo Federation inspired book or video – I’m not entirely sure which, Nor am I sure of what the term ‘Actual’ actually refers to. Are they ‘actual’ or real skills already in their curriculum? Or are they making the point that these are the few they’ve managed to scrounge up? And then what kind of skills are they actually for?

Saying that, I am pleasantly surprised. Some of what I saw off the video is not bad. There are tons of what seems to be ‘traditionally’ inspired techniques used for sport-oriented striking. Meaning long range striking techniques that can be used in the kind of arena a World Taekwondo Federation practitioner might fight in.

When you minus away the thigh kicks, the kicks landing with the top of the foot, the slamming axe kicks, and the suspenseful music, the blocking drills and the coverage are spot on. The blocks done at 0.23sec for instance remind me of Jackie Chan’s ‘take off your jacket’ move in the Karate Kid reboot. Excellent, though I’d love to see additional attacks and an opponent that would use less linear strikes.

Check out the coverage/blocking flow drill at 0.37sec – it looks like a bong sau or ‘wing block’ plus close quarter coverage of the head. If they want to show something ‘actual’ this is where they should have relegated more than 2 seconds to it. It was exciting and fresh, I hope not a wasted opportunity!

Makiwara/striking post training … unfortunately these guys just lost it for me here. I didn’t see any evidence that they knew how to hit the makiwara. If you want an example of some fine makiwara practice, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ0iaMx7XM0 for what I’m on about.

Another great blocking drill in 0.49sec but against a lame ‘I’m trying to punch you from the other side of the room’ opponent. Again they should take this segment and given it more than the grayed out whisper it received.

Not a bad Taekwondo resource. What do you all think about the preview? Worth a peek?