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Has your regular one-on-one sparring drills reach a point of diminishing returns? Have you lost interest in sparring? Perhaps you need to make your sparring training a little more objective oriented and match real world needs? The following are ideas I’ve come up with for a scenario sparring program which forces defender to think on his feet whilst dealing with a dynamic environment. This post was inspired by recent post How to Improve Your Taekwondo.

Spare me another plain vanilla sparring session

Spare me another plain vanilla sparring session

  1. Taking It for the Team: Defender covers and blocks and takes it, while opponent is free to engage
  2. Brother-in-Law: Defender cannot engage with opponent, but needs to safely stop the opponent from engaging with him
  3. Gassed: Defender does burpees until exhaustion, wears strikes from heavy gloves and kick shields for one minute, and then engages with opponent.
  4. Elevator: Defender and opponent in a tight space, defender needs to light up all elevators buttons while engaging with opponent. (Needs prop to represent buttons)
  5. Carjacker: Defender in driver’s seat, opponent comes in with knife. Defender needs to exit car.
  6. Panicked Friend: Defender engages opponent but has friend who is distracting (touching/shouting) and standing still. Move friend to exit whilst engaging with opponent.
  7. Rescuer: Defender faces off opponent who has taken a hostage and using hostage as shield, rescue the shield and engage the opponent
  8. Wet and Wild: Defender faces off opponent in a swimming pool and needs to exit.
  9. In a Plane: Defender sits down and is engaged by opponent, both can only engage up and down a narrow corridor.
  10. Photobomb: Defender is standing in front of neutral party, can only see reflection behind him through large mirror, and must answer questions neutral party is posing. Opponent from a random line up engages defender.
  11. In the John: Defender is standing face to a wall and has to engage opponent approaching from diagonal back, returns to starting point after initial engagement.
  12. Lights Out: Defender is blindfolded and has to engage with opponent by touch. (Needs blindfold)
  13. Getting out of the Car: Defender exits the car while preventing door from slamming into him before he gets clear, and engages opponent.
  14. Bringing Nothing to a Knife Fight: Defender engages opponent. Opponent draws a weapon (knife or gun). Defender must stop attack, take weapon and exit.
    1. Mediator between Love Birds: Defender interposes between two opponents. Opponent A is ‘Taking It for the Team’ while Opponent B is attacking. Once Defender engages with Opponent B, Opponent A also engages Defender.
    2. Mediator between Lost Love: Defender interposes between two opponents. Opponent A is ‘Taking It for the Team’ while Opponent B is attacking. Once Defender engages with Opponent B, Opponent A also engages Opponent B. Defender must take down Opponent B, and then take down Opponent A.
    1. Multiple person circle: Defender is surrounded by 4 opponents, engages two simultaneously, and puts on ‘helmet’ to get out of the circle
    2. Multiple person face off: Defender faces off 2 opponents and seeks to engage with each one at a time
    3. Multiple person scrum: Defender is on the floor and has to get up and retreat whilst opponents are trying to hold him down