Gaebaek. What You See is What You Get communicated that I was getting the Taekwondo pattern Gaebaek recorded ‘as is’ without too much practice and not having visited the pattern in a long while. That first video also prompted me to get a progression of how I’m travelling with the form, and in this video I’m showing the difficulties I’ve encountered whilst performing the pattern in street clothes in my backyard.

Now, if I’m experiencing challenges doing a rather straightforward exercise in street clothes, what implications does that have for general martial art skills, and then of course for your own self defence? Granted, self defence looks nothing like performing a pattern, but the restrictions placed on you by attire, the environment, and certainly the scenario are worth considering within the relative safety of the dojo. It is there where you should be pressure testing yourself so that when the time comes, you’ll be better placed to use your skills more effectively.

Well, if that lovely thought of the day was fueled by the pattern itself, then I guess I just discovered one more useful thing from re-acquainting myself with Gaebaek, and with pattern practice in general.

Keep training! 🙂

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