Taekwondo Fighting Heaven and Earth is linked to Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Inc. based in Perth Western Australia.

Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do is a small dojang or Taekwondo training hall based in Colin’s garage. This means we have a handful of members who practice in a garage in Colin’s house. Yes, we are insured. And yes, we are a serious outfit. We’re proud to say we’ve been based in Western Australia since mid 2000. No, we are not interested in expanding to larger premises. No, we are not interested in your children – we don’t run a child care centre. No, we are not interested in giving away grades if you don’t deserve them. We are most definitely not interested in undisciplined uncommitted attendees.

We are however interested in teaching simple straightforward Traditional Taekwondo. This is the kind of Taekwondo which tempers you, which challenges you, and which – if you give it half a chance, will stay with you for life. If you like, and if you can manage a courteous inquiry which starts off with a nice polite greeting, we are interested to hear from you. Note – We respect previous grades earned and the effort you’ve invested from any other system; if you have existing martial arts training and would like to come understand what we do, we can always talk about what is most the appropriate direction for you during your encounter with us. But please – we are NOT interested in stealing students from any existing martial arts school here in Perth, so if you do seek to cross train with us, you need to organise a written approval from your own instructor before you knock on our door.

After your complimentary two week training period, you will receive either an invitation to stay OR recommendations to seek training from another school. Thank you for understanding.

We are available for seminars by request.



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