Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the most isolated city in the world, and is the fourth most populous city in Australia. The majority of metropolian Perth is located on the Swan Coastal Plain, a narrow strip between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp. You can imagine how beautiful the scenery is, even if you’re caught in peak hour traffic. Lucky so-and-sos in Perths’ Western Suburbs, not 15 minutes away from the city, also get views of Cottesloe Beach and the Indian Ocean.

Perth City, the Swan River, and the ‘Narrows’ Bridge taken from King’s Park

Cottesloe Beach – the image may be photoshopped, but it looks even better when you’re there.

Fremantle – about 30 minutes West of Perth City is a Port popular with tourists wanting to hang out at its Market, eat Fish and Chips, checkout its pubs, and enjoy street performers

For Martial Artists, Perth has events like No Egos Martial Arts Conferences held several times a year, and Ging Mo’s Free Form Fighting competition twice a year. For something a little different, check out The Grey Company, which puts on historical reenactments using weaponry and combat, focusing on the Dark Ages and Medieval times. Perth, you might not know, has been the centre of the International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools (IAOMAS) reboot, produces blogs like Way of Least Resistance and Traditional Taekwondo Techniques, and has a ridiculous number of martial art personalities in this one state alone, like:

Find out more through martial arts news on Perth NowBoxing and Martial Arts offers on Gumtree, if any martial art events are listed on BCL Events in Perth, and lastly, head to Sunil at Ray Hana’s located in West Perth just 5 minutes north of Perth City if you need any equipment.