Identify that McDojo!

I regularly receive emails from people asking if there is a martial art school close to where they live which teaches [fill-in-the-blank] style. I have never received an email which asks if I, in my 30+ years of learning martial arts and with my unique position in the martial arts community, can recommend a good instructor for them to learn from. Isn’t that a far better question to ask me than to just use me as a martial art yellow pages?

Don’t be fooled folks. Not all martial arts are created equal, and certainly there are shiesters out there teaching those styles whom you should avoid. Here is a poll which gives the public a few points to help identify potential McDojos in the community.



2 thoughts on “Identify that McDojo!”

  1. Tom Bryans said:

    We have a few around, but I tend not to worry too much. My students stay long term. No one stays long in a Mc Dojo. Only the ones looking for a short cut.

    • Good hearing from you, Tom. No, I don’t worry much about McDojos too. I try to just focus on what I do – which is how I’ve always done it. This post however is good for those people who don’t know what they’re looking out for. 🙂 Cheers, Colin

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